Been busy at work these past few weeks so I haven’t been able to update the blog with any progress on my 3D dolls. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get to work again.

In the meantime, I did a repaint of a fashion doll! She’s a Tonner DejaVu that I got at a local meetup. I’ve never owned a fashion doll before, but I liked her look. I’m excited to buy her a bunch of cool fashion doll shoes ;)

17th March, MondayReblog

YESSSS! My print arrived today! It’s just a tad bigger than I expected, but the neck fits the 70cm dollshe neck which is sweet. I wonder how he’d look on a slightly bigger body. Right now it’s a little too goofy for the spiritdoll proud (sits really low on the neck and is clearly too big)

I’m gonna try some adjustments, but worse case scenario I can print him again in slightly smaller scale (costs a ton though eeeek) Anywho, what do you guys think? Any bodies he might go better on?

As for the print itself, I LOVE IT. It came fast and well packaged. It was sooo exciting to have a box opening for something I made! I knew going into it the surface would not be perfect, but that’s what primer and sanding is for…god so much sanding. If I go ahead with this size I plan on thickening the eye wells a bit, and any thin spots. I’d also need to size magnets…and WOOOOOO!

13th February, ThursdayReblog
3D Print Shipped!

YEEEAAAAAHHHH!!Just got my shipping notice from shapeways for my first ever 3D print!

For anyone wondering, the price of a 70cm BJD head ended up being about 100$. It’s a little steeper than I thought, but the quality should be good enough to make the master with. I’ve scaled the head to fit a 70cm boy body, so I’ll test it out on my dollshe and spiritdoll bodies as soon as it arrives.

I’ll be sure and post some pics once he gets here!

12th February, WednesdayReblog
Dapper Logo in the headcap!
(I cut extra large magnet holes in the headcap for now, so that I can size them in real life with apoxie)
3D print coming soon!

Dapper Logo in the headcap!

(I cut extra large magnet holes in the headcap for now, so that I can size them in real life with apoxie)

3D print coming soon!

8th February, SaturdayReblog

Ready for the first 3D test print!

For this test I’ve left out the magnet holds and the headlock system (as I am still debating how I want to do them) I’ve made a lot of tweaks to the head last week. When I tested him on paper he was reading more like an 80cm doll in proportion to the body because of the distance between his features. So I shortened the chin, and lowered the eyes a bit. I’ve also reworked the headcap to be simpler as per casting-recommendation ;)

I will update as soon as the very first 3D test comes back!

2nd February, SundayReblog
Anonymous asked: I see you using zbrush, how did you find this program and what made you decide to buy it to sculpt your doll with?

I was introduced to zbrush when I first started as an intern at the video game company I work for. I was an illustrator out of college, but I had done some clay sculptures for my degree project.

Since it was already installed on my machine, I just started playing with zbrush during my lunch hour and I quickly fell in love with how organic it felt to work in.

I kept bugging the character artists around me to teach me more tricks of the trade, and eventually I was hired as a full time concept artist/modeler. Now I use zbrush on a daily basis to create in-game assets. I also bought my own copy of the program to use at home. It is expensive as an initial investment, but pixologic is awesome with it’s updates. Once you buy it you get all the upcoming versions for free. You never have to pay for it again.

I decided to sculpt my doll in it, sort of how I would pick any medium I suppose. It’s sort of like a different kind of clay to me, and one that I happened to be comfortable working in. :)

29th January, WednesdayReblog

Anonymous asked: After getting your doll 3d printed have you though maybe making a mold out of it to get it cast in resin in the long haul?

Yup! That’s the plan!

First I’m going to 3D print them at a lower quality, so that I can make sure the major proportions are correct.

Then I’m going to have them printed at high resolution once I’m sure everything is where I need it. I plan to make any final tweaks with apoxie, and prime and sand.

Once it’s perfect, I’m going to have a mold made, and eventually cast in resin. I’m considering looking into professional casting companies for this stage.

28th January, TuesdayReblog

Got the head-cap system worked out tonight! I still need the place for the hook, and to carve in the eye-wells. I also want to thicken where the neck will attach, just so it will hold the tension of the strings better. The magnet holds are going to be added in apoxie…so I can get the size right to fit the magnet. So close to the first print!!

Also, thanks so much forĀ  those of you who tuned into the live-stream sculpt! I will try to do it again soon.

26th January, SundayReblog
BJD Sculpting Live! ↘

Ok! Attempt number two! Had a bit of troubles last time, but here it is again!I will be lurking in my ustream chat as well if you have any questions or comments. :)

26th January, SundayReblog

So I went ahead and refined this guy. Smoothed out a few of the bumps, and cleaned up the nose/ears/eyes. I’m really starting to dig him as a possible 70cm head.

Just for funsies I popped a skintone material on him and took some super creepy no-eye renders. O_______O

25th January, SaturdayReblog